Breed Standard

The North American Clun Forest Sheep standard adopted in 1994, is based on the British Clun Forest Sheep standard as adopted in 1928 by the Annual General Meeting of the Members (of the British Clun Forest Sheep Society). The NACFA standard was modified in 2002.



The whole premise of the Clun Forest breed is based on performance; i.e. prolificacy, mothering, milking, ease of lambing, ease of handling, and longevity.

Head and Face

A clean open dark brown faced sheep; top of head nicely covered and free from dark wool.


Not too long and carried high.


Strong, muscular neck, lengthy good back, deep rib, strong loin, good hock, deep and well-rounded thighs, good through heart, strong bone, standing square on its legs.


Fairly free from wool from hock and knee down.


A tight fleece, fine texture, free from kemp and dark or gray wool.


A nice pink or red skin, free from black or blue spots.

A sheep which meets you with a good head and a bold walk, that stands squarely on its legs, with plenty of heart girth and a good constitution.

■    ■    ■

Three faults disqualify from registration:

1) No ram lamb, bald from the ear line forward, by December of the year of his birth, will be registered (passed unanimously 1992).
2) No lambs with brockle faces will be registered (passed unanimously 1992).
3) No lamb with scurs will be registered (passed unanimously 1994).