NACFA Blue Book

The blue book is a collection of articles and information written by Clun Forest breeders over the past 25 years. The name “blue book” is derived from the blue cover the book has had since it was first published in 1981. The blue book was updated every four or five years and was last printed in paper format in 2003. Even though it’s now available on the web, it still keeps its original name. This informative guide contains valuable insights into all aspects of raising Clun Forest sheep for meat, fiber, pleasure and profit. Some of the Blue Book articles dealing with Clun history can be found on the Clun History Page.

Table of Contents

Raising Cluns in North America

1 – If You Choose to Raise Sheep, Why Choose Cluns? – Peter Dunning

2 – Limiting Inbreeding in Closed Flocks – Angus Rouse

3 – Letter from the Far North – June 3, 2001 – Deena Meadors

4 – Cluns in Nova Scotia – Angus Rouse

Cluns in Crossbreeding Programs

5 – Cluns in a Cross-Breeding Program – Brenda Ekstrom

6 – Clun “Mule” Sheep – Mark Lelli

7 – Clunlands: Clun Forest – Shetland Cross Lambs – Lanette Scapillato

Cluns for Wool

8 – A Special Word About Clun Fleece – Klara Templeton

Cluns for Dairy

9 – The Clun Forest: The Jersey of the Dairy Sheep – Mary Falk

Cluns for Meat

10 – Making Cluns Work for You – Alan Zuschlag

Cluns for Herding

11 – Herding with Clun Forest Sheep – Cheryl Munson